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A Total of 6 Internal Demo Orchards currently exist in PHD Center Herat
DO RefSpecieScopeDescription
HER/11 Peach The scope is to see verify the behaviour of the varieties on FG677 Peach Demonstration Orchard Jeribs 1 n. of trees 108
HER/11 Almond The scope is to see the difference of reaction of different almond varieties on Seedling RS & on GF677. Each variety has been budded on the two kinds of RS Almond Demonstration Orchard Jeribs 1 n. of trees 108
HER/11 Grape To show the benefits of the trellis system and improved orchard management Grape DO on (T)Trellis Jeribs 0.8 (T + I trellis) n.of vines 360 (T + I trellis)
HER/11 Grape To show benifets of the trellis system for the orchard growers and for better orhcard management Grape DO on (I) Trellis
HER/11 Apple Different apple varieties grafted on 7 kinds of RS with different vigour: Seedling, MM111, MM106, M7, M26, B9 & M9, to show infulence of the rootstock on the vigour of the plants, including heights and production. Apple Demonstration Orchard Jeribs 1.25 n. of trees 140
HER/09 Apricot To monitor the behavior and yield of the different varieties, quality of production, reaction to pest and disease, to show improved orchard management and irrigation methods. The orchard is also used for practical training Apricot Demonstration Orchard Jeribs 0.41 n. of trees 52