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External Demonistration Orchards are established by partner organizations involved in extension and demonstration activities (such HLP, Universities, IDEA New, etc) with planting material provided by the PHDC’s for the purpose of showing the performance of varieties/clones with different rootstocks. These DOs are not directly under the responsibility of PHDP, however, the project is making an effort to keep track of them and also to use them as capacity building ground for MAIL staff. The over all list of DOs through the Country is given below:
A Total of 164 External Demo Orchards are Planted through the country.
KAB077DO Muhammad Hasib Kabul, KABUL 0700661795 0.5
KAB078DO Muhammad Hasib Kabul, KABUL 0700661795 1
KAB079DO Muhammad Hasib Kabul, KABUL 0700661795 0.5
KAN001DO MAIL Farm UROZGAN 0798033435 1
KAN002DO Haji Sardar Muhammad Shinak, ZABUL 0799526785 1
KAN004DO Haji Sadullah Dab Karez, KANDAHAR 0799821603 1
KAN005DO Haji Bahram Khan Khugiani, KANDAHAR 0799821603 1
KAN006DO Khair Muhammad PAKTYA 0707022924 1
KAN008DO Khair Muhammad ZABUL 0707840882 1
KAN012DO MAIL Farm UROZGAN 0798033435 1
KAN013DO Muhammad Qasem Haji Muhammad Zai Mandhasar, KANDAHAR 0799821603 1
KAN014DO Abdul Sabour Nasiri PAKTYA 0799821603 1
KAN015DO Abdul Sabour Nasiri KANDAHAR 0799821603 1
KAN016DO Ghafar Shah Kheshik, KANDAHAR 0799821603 1
KAN017DO MAIL Farm UROZGAN 0798033435 1
KAN019DO Haji Dost Muhammad Tora, ZABUL 0797874608 1
KAN022DO Haji Amir Jan Sarkar, HELMAND 0799618683 1
KAN023DO Haji Muhammad Asif Korghai, HELMAND 0799618683 1
KAN025DO Rahim Gul Kopak, HELMAND 0799618683 1
KAN026DO Mula Baz Muhammad Lashkargah, HELMAND 0799618683 1
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