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The objectives of Demonstration Orchards (DOs) are to demonstrate the performance of varieties, rootstocks or improved techniques of orchard management. During the first phase of PHDP, a large number of DOs have been established. There is no doubt that these DOs are playing an important role in dissemination of varieties and techniques. However, the follow up in terms of collection and elaboration of few meaningful data seems problematic. The PHDP II have taken the approach to limit the number of DOs and try to keep track of them. There are three types of DOs:
1. Internal DOs located in the PHD Centers and directly under control of the project. Read More.. 2. External DOs with Partner Organizations
3. External DOs established by NGAs (with support of the two NGOs Consortia).
External Demonistration Orchards are established by partner organizations involved in extension and demonstration activities (such HLP, Universities, IDEA New, etc) with planting material provided by the PHDC’s for the purpose of showing the performance of varieties/clones with different rootstocks. These DOs are not directly under the responsibility of PHDP, however, the project is making an effort to keep track of them and also to use them as capacity building ground for MAIL staff. The over all list of DOs through the Country is given below: